The Party

If you ever find yourself nostalgic for the ’60s, this is your cure. How bad can it be if it’s not Pootie Tang? Picture if you will this graph:

Movie Scale

“The Godfather goes in the top right corner — great talent all around, terrific movie. The bottom left is inhabited by the kinds of things that they show at 3 in the morning. I’m open for suggestions for the top left — great movies with a bunch of no-names. Maybe “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”?

But the bottom right is reserved for movies like “The Party,” which is on TMC right now and will remain there until I’m done with this post and change the channel. No wait, I’ll change it right now. There. “Men In Black.” In the upper right quadrant somewhere, though not in the corner. “Party” is directed by Blake Edwards, stars Peter Sellers and Claudine Longet. On paper it can’t miss. On a screen somewhere? Just reach for the airsickness bag.

Can I score something with a negative number of stars?

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12 thoughts on “The Party”

  1. Do you mean TCM or TMC? Cuz last night before i finished “The Mist”, i coulda sworn that movie was on TCM. I clicked on it for a minute while scanning the other channels. It was horrible and i only watched for a minute! It was so bad i considered switching to something else while scanning the other channels. Probably not Pootie Tang bad or even Boat Trip bad, but baaad.

    But then sixties movies just generally suck with a few exceptions. I watch a lot of old movies. Some of the best of the 60’s were “The Heat of the Night”, “Midnight Cowboy”, and another Jon Voight movie “Conrack”. “The Graduate” and “Bonnie and Clyde” weren’t bad either.

    The ending of “The Mist” was good. It’s always refreshing when a movie doesn’t have a happy ending. I’d put it somewhere in the upper right quadrant. It’s definitely no “The Godffather”, but the casting was good. Especially Marcia Gay Harden who is an actress with good range. (Loved her in “Mystic River”). The other actors are well recognized, i just don’t know their names. I could check imdb but it doesn’t matter enough.

  2. And “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?”, “Suddenly Last Summer”, “Cool Hand Luke” and “The Hustler” we also great movies from the 60’s that would fit in that top right quadrant.

  3. I meant TCM, Turner Classic Movies. No question that many great movies were made in the ’60s. It was a decade of many artistic breakthroughs.

    This was not among them. It’s an interminable series of cliches and stereotypes, in questionable taste and not even a little funny. It’s not even funny in the “oh my god this is so bad it’s good” sense.

  4. Yeah, the movies were at their best when they were topical. I’ll take “Dr. Strangelove” over 20 “Dr. Doolittles.” They were also at their best when they were experimental.

    “2001 A Space Odyssey.”

  5. I would add “To Kill a Mockingbird” to the list of great movies from the 60’s. And if you notice, the movies i chose as the best had to do with the racial issues that were bing addressed during the 60’s or they were set in another time period.

    I can’t stand those 60’s movies that are set in the 60’s but aren’t in the “civil right” category. Like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for example. The whole 60’s scene, the content, the language, the bad soundtracks, the hair, the clothes were just too freaky/wierd/ugly.

  6. Here’s another top-left quadrant movie: the first “Star Wars.” Also, things like the original Japanese “Godzilla.”

  7. About “the best movies that never won a BEST PICTURE oscar”, you are SO RIGHT. I do love it, and surprise surpise i have something to say about it.

    MOST OFFENSIVE: Star Wars losing to Annie Hall. Are you freakin’ kidding me?

    VERY OFFENSIVE: Hitchock never won an Oscar. That’s just wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Fargo losing to that sappy The English Patient. WTH? Ugh! And all this time I thought Fargo did win the Oscar. Fargo was original and funny. Ohhhh. That’s it. It was too funny. “The Academy” scorns funny. “They” also scorn independent films.

    PRETTY DAMN OFFENSIVE: Shawshank Redemption losing to Forrest Gump. Am i the only person in the world that HATES Forrest Gump?

    SOMEWHAT OFFENSIVE: 2001: A Space Odyssey losing to Oliver…..huh? 1968, “The Academy” musta been on drugs for that ballot. Goodfellas to Dances with Wolves. Drama trumps action every time with these fools.

    AMBIVALENT: Apocalypse Now to Kramer vs. Kramer. “The Academy” doesn’t like to give props to war movies. The acting in K vs. K was superb. Did i just use the word “superb”. Somebody go get help!

    FINE WITH ME: Phildelphia losing to Schindlers List. That musta sent shock waves throughout Hollywood. “Tom Hanks movies don’t not win Oscars” (c). Didn’t care for Philadelpha and Schindlers List was pretty good. Definitely better than Philadelphia.

    FUNNIEST BLURB: “In 1999, Trey Parker and Matt Stone showed up in drag at the Oscars as Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow.” Those dudes are whack! You have seen Baseketball right? If not i’m sure i recommended it as a must see (several times).

  8. Having watched so many old movies i’ve noticed a theme throughout 1950’s movies. That is mental illness. The audience was being “taught” to have an awareness of mental conditions and the origins thereof. This theme started in the postwar 40’s and continued into the 60’s, but was most prominent in the 50’s. “The Three Faces of Eve” comes to mind offhand, but there are many more.

  9. Somewhere in the upper left quadrant – “Once Upon A Time In America” (if you have the time to invest – it’s like 4 hours long). Mostly “nobodies” at the time – DeNiro, James Woods, Jennifer Connolly, Tuesday Weld.

  10. How about “Stand By Me,” which had Jerry O’Connell before he became all buff in “Crossing Jordan,” Keifer Sutherland before he learned how to act (or, at least, act like Jack Bauer), River Phoenix before he was dead, and Wil Wheaton before he sucked in “Star Trek TNG.” Rob Reiner was just starting out as a director too, this was only his third movie — after “Spinal Tap” and “The Sure Thing.”

    This one’s a fave of daughter Claire, who’ll watch it until her eyeballs drop out of her head and roll away under the sofa.

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