Train Wreck Set To Music

If you’re in New York on May 18, be sure to catch a concert. That day is shaping up to be a witching hour for community orchestras, none of whom apparently are on speaking terms with the others. If they were it wouldn’t happen that the Brooklyn Symphony, New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble, Broadway Bach Ensemble, Greenwich Village Orchestra, Metropolitan Symphony of New Jersey, and probably a few more.

Of course, everyone wants to do a big piece to end the season, and everyone is scrambling trying to secure enough musicians — most of whom play in more than one of the groups — to cover all the parts. As for myself, I’m involved with three of them regularly so I’m going with Broadway Bach.

It’d be cool of all these groups could combine resources and rent out Carnegie or something for the day and put on a real event. All day, one group after another, and every orchestra could be fully staffed.

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