Esglesia de Sant Pau del Camp

Once out in the fields outside the city walls (del Camp means roughly ‘in the fields’), this church now sits inside a predominantly Arab-speaking part of El Raval. First built in the 10th century AD (and so far the oldest building I’ve ever set foot in) it includes features that date back to the Visigoths.

Other notable features are the Romanesque half-dome over the altar, and the tiny, gemlike stained glass windows.

Here are a couple of very brief videos (nod to Andy here) walking around the cloister. After decades of visiting The Cloisters museum in New York, I was surprised I’d never seen one “In the wild,” as it were.

Carrer de Sant Pau, el Raval, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, BCN, CAT, 08003, España

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  1. Never been to this church. Nice camera work all around. Take lots of video of yourselves talking and stuff too. For your private memories of course.

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