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More pictures from the Great Swamp. I’m trying to catch certain spots throughout the course of a year. Winter brings a very different look, obviously. The sere palette looks nice against a crisp blue sky.

This scene from a distance looked more painterly than most — the white tree trunks and russet dry grass created by scraping the paint off of darkers layer.

The Great Swamp, January 2008

I love the way the sunlight diffuses through these cattails.
The Great Swamp, January 2008

Out in the lower elevations of New Jersey, stuff stays frozen longer. The Swamp has hundreds of little ponds like this.
The Great Swamp, January 2008

It’s never quite deserted. I had to take several road shots to eliminate passing cars, even on this less-popular one-way road.
The Great Swamp, January 2008

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