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Your Call Might or Might Not Be Important to Us (Updated: Success!)

Wednesday 1:10 pm We are assured a crew is on the way. Really.


9:55 pm Getting around to posting again. The crew that was on its way? The crew that should have been there in minutes? They never showed up. The only conclusion I can draw is that they lied.

Here’s the thing: they could be honest. Think of it, “we really are backed up and don’t have enough poles to replace the ones that are broken. We have an order in and they are scheduled to arrive on xxxxxxx.” I mean, they have to fix the pole sometime, the next big storm is going to knock it down anyway.

Think more. They could admit they’ve fucked up and tell us pre-emptively that they aren’t going to charge us for the month. Nobody has said that yet. They could apologize for the problem and offer us a free month after we’re reconnected. They could offer us six months of premium channels for free as a make-good. They could offer us six months of HBO as a make-good.

They could tell us something that would not make us hate them, hold them in contempt, and switch our service to their competitor.

But that might not be so important to them.

Updates for November 22

11:00 am Out of the blue on Thanksgiving day our guy Tom shows up with his associate Wayne. We tromped around out back for a while and they think they might be able to connect us to the next terminal up the line.

Guys on poles

12:00 noon And we’re back! Thanks to Tom and Wayne! We gave them some of the cinnamon buns we’d made for breakfast.

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12:20 pm The first phone call is from Rachel at Cardholder Services. The techs were still out front and we were about to ask them to come back and disconnect us again.

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