Don’t Laugh

Yeah, it’s a mess back there. The old Caloric that died was something like 30-35 years old. An all-in-one stove/oven/microwave, which was probably the very latest thing in the waning years of the Carter administration, it was simultaneously underpowered and oversized. Tomorrow our guy F. comes to finish the job. We’ve got new tile, lovingly picked out after four hours of tile-store adventures.

For the wall. Then, a new-wave overthestovecombination of microwave and range hood.

It doesn’t look like much, but I have it on good authority that once it’s out of the box it’ll look great. And of course the stove.

Not top-of-the-line, but it’s a really good LG that we got on sale at Home Depot. I know earlier today I kvetched bitterly about the crappy delivery service their subcontractor’s subcontractor supplied; but we saved $500 because another nice guy at the store told us to wait a few days before we ordered because the price was going to drop.

Tune in tomorrow — maybe we’ll be done with this stage. Then we’re really going to want to paint the cabinets.

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