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Lending A Hand

We had an old TV antenna up on the chimney that we’d talked about getting down.

Somehow. It was big — hard to guesstimate from the ground, but it must have been 10-15 feet in any direction.

Sandy gave it a try and, fortunately, failed. But it got a really good push, and was dangling by one steel strap. With a nor’easter coming in a couple of days, that big piece of metal was destined to fall onto the sunroom, possibly damaging the roof, and then bouncing down on to the cars in the driveway.

Our handyman couldn’t get up there but somehow F. convinced our local fire department to lend their cherrypicker. “It was drama” she said.

I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend that if you’ve got an old antenna up on your roof, be proactive.

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