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A Few Modest Suggestions

Service stations need to have generators on the premises. What good is a huge supply of gas underground if you can’t put it into people’s cars. The irony is, all these people waiting in line with cans so they can get fuel for their generators. There are all these other gas stations with fuel but no generators. Let’s hook them up.

Bury the wires underground, and waterproof them.

It’s pretty dark walking at night, and small solar lights are dirt cheap. Install them as backups for streetlights.

There are a lot of places that are cash-only because they’ve lost their Internet connection for credit card transactions. There are ATMs that can’t give you cash for the same reason.

You’ve got money, you can’t spend it. Bummer. Remember the old paper swipe machines? Let’s have a supply of them available for small transactions at times like these.

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