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Merry Christmas From All Of Us

The tree is up in the lobby here at world headquarters in beautiful Maplewood.

2007 Tree

Oops, forgot the star. We’ll get to that soon.

Let me share something I like about Christmas. Daughter No. 1 took it on herself to pick out a few ornaments and put them up in a grouping together. The five you see across the top in this picture, four with horizontal stripes and the solid red one at the upper left.

Christmas Bulbs

She knows how important they are, because they’ve been on every tree I can remember, since I was a small child. When I first moved out on my own, my mom gave these to me to get started. Over the years a few more have broken and these are all that’s left. But that just makes them even more valuable. No matter how dysfunctional life gets, there are some things that are constants. And even if those things are only a few little glass baubles sometimes that can be enough.

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One thought on “Merry Christmas From All Of Us”

  1. YOur tree is very pretty. The lobby looks lovely.

    And what a thought to keep in mind, which we sometimes forget; that just some little things can fill us up with joy even when times are hard. (sorry bout the semicolon)

    The kids got our tree last week but it sat in water for 4 days before we decorated it. How sad is that? But once we got it all fixed up, we all suddenly got in the spirit of the season. Christmastime just kinda snuck up on us this year…

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