Thanks to the Analog Arts Ensemble for pointing to this outstanding example of the sheer wiggyness that was the ’60s avant garde. Stockhausen’s two-hour “mixtape” of national anthems, shortwave radio noise, morse code, electronic modulations and more is available in the form of a Stockhausen jukebox (one of the most ambitious Flash movies I’ve ever seen) where you can pick your track and twiddle with the dials.

It’s like “Revolution No. 9” only better. The things you recognize are fleeting, more varied, less trite, more mysterious and less repetitive.

Not to sound flip, but listening to this sitting upright in front of my computer isn’t going to cut it. I feel like it would be best heard semi-reclining, in the dark, on a bean-bag chair. In a dorm room maybe. Maybe that’s just an indication of how it takes me back.

Before you quit, don’t skip ANABlog’s description and photo of one of the performances.

2 thoughts on “Hymnen”

  1. Lately on Thursday nights I’ve been playing the Stockhausen Helicopter string Quartet until Linda yells at me “turn that shit off”. There’s a couple of Avant Garde kinda guys that hang out and they’ll look at me and smile while it’s playing.

  2. yeah, I can only listen to the mods when nobody else is home. It’s weird that my kids are more conservative than I am. I haven’t heard the helicopter quartet, but I should pick up a copy.

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