Ice Storm

Our first big winter storm hit today. Up at the work site in extreme northern New Jersey there was a couple of inches of thick, greasy slush. Down here in Maplewood, lots of ice on all the branches (pretty!) and the power lines (dangerous!). One of the latter was down in the street across from us, knocked down when one of the former landed on it.

Something I’d never seen before, despite spending 20 years dodging lake-effect snow in Cleveland. About a third of the cars in the parking lot this morning had their wipers lifted straight up, pointing out from the windshield. Apparently to avoid the problems involved in digging them out from under. I don’t know, it seemed sketchy to me.

Item the second, I got new Toyo tires a few months ago and they played nicely with mr. frosty. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten anything but the cheapest tires and they’ve really been a pleasure. A 40-mile trip home and I didn’t get the ALB jitters once.

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