Fall TV Roundup

First and foremost, multiple Emmy-winner “Homeland” returns for season two. We’ve watched episode one twice, and it gets better with a repeat view. I’m not one to gush over TV much — how many blog posts here relate to TV shows? Not many. 4 stars.

We’ve been happy lately to see the SyFy Channel starting to show actual, you know, Sci Fi again. It was a long, hot summer of real-ghost stories and Hollywood prop auctions. But Warehouse 13 came back with a good new (and darker) series of episodes. They might be getting a little too ambitious for their own good, but it remains funny and smart. 3 stars.

Haven, on the other hand, we’re about ready to give up on. A whole year’s hiatus and they come up with — aliens? Sorry. 1 1/2 stars and sinking.

Alphas is F.’s personal favorite, and this season represents a big improvement. The larger stories are making more sense than they did before, and the characters are all finding their groove. 3 stars, though F. gives it more.

Masterpiece’s “Sherlock” series isn’t to be missed, under any circumstances. 4 stars.

Lastly, NBC’s post-apocalyptic “Revolutions” so far is so good. It’s got all the JJ Abrams tricks that we liked in the earlier seasons of “Lost,” and has an intriguing premise. Though we can’t help wondering where they keep finding vast stockpiles of laundry detergent and hair products. 3 stars.

All for now, dear diary. Tonight’s the first debate.

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