I don’t want you to think I make a habit of seeing movies based on 1980s Japanese children’s toys. It’s just that A. had already ordered it up on pay-per-view. Anyway, how bad could it be? I remember my nephew J. loved those things when he was little and now he’s working on his PhD in biochemistry at Tufts, so I don’t think they cause any permanent damage.

And you know what? It was kind of fun. The special effects are everything they’re hyped to be, done so well that I had to keep asking myself, “why do I keep forgetting that this isn’t real?” The snappy script was often laugh-out-loud funny. Plus a few nice performances, like Jon Voigt not hamming it up for once, and especially John Turturro. He’s a guy that can take a middle-marquee role and just knock it out of the park, and without overdoing it either (see Voigt, Jon), giving his characters a sheen of normalcy with just the right hint of comic madness beneath.

Don’t spend a lot of money on this, but if it shows up for $1.99 or something check it out. There are worse ways of spending a couple hours.

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