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I don’t know why. Can’t stand the stuff. But have at it … Carter Family or Garth Brooks? Hank Senior, Hank Junior or Hank III? Faith Hill or Shania Twain — and while we’re on the subject sound on or sound off?

And where does Lyle Lovett fit in to all this?

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  1. Carter family trumps Garth Brooks (yuck) like a royal flush.

    Haven’t heard much from HankIII, but if i recollect he was OK. But can’t compare the two guys. That wouldn’t be fair not being too familiar with Hank 3. I’ll youtube him later.

    Faith and Shania both overrated. Which is more overrated? Probably Shania. They’re both all looks and no substance.

    Lyle Lovett? I’ve never even heard the guys. Can we just skip 80’s country music altogether? Pretend it never happened?

    Going back to sleep. Today is resume udpate day.

  2. Why stop at ’80s country? ’80s rock and jazz were pretty forgettable as well.

    Lyle Lovett is big, a real crossover threat. He’s been in movies (“The Player”) and his big-band album (he calls it a “large band”) is on the counter at your local Starbucks.

    I only heard a Hank III song once, late-night radio somewhere in Pennsylvania. Seemed better than Junior, which isn’t saying much. All I can think of when I hear Hank Jr. mentioned is that horrible Monday Night Football song.

  3. Wow, everything I hate about C&W in one video. Let’s see…all black with sequins, cowboy hats and sunglasses indoors, cowboy boots, big belt buckles, whiny steel guitars, banal lyrics…

    Did I miss anything?

    I do have a weakness for gospel sometimes. Like this one. I watched all the Hank and Kid Rock one, expect you to do the same. Trust me … this is genius.

  4. You’re joking, right? Have seen him and assume by his voice that it was in some blues concert. But what is this other than borderline blasphemous. Altho, i like the bango and Tom Waits vocals (behind the bullhorn).

    Do you appreciate Zydeco or Cajun Music? hmm. Doubtful.
    I like it. Especially when it’s in French. I’m not exactly sure where the distinction between Zydeco and Cajun lays but i think if it’s in French it’s more likely to be Cajun and ballads are more in the Cajun category.

    Here’s something for you, just to say thanx for that Tom Waits…item. This is Zydeco i think. Wonder what your opinion is about what Doug Kershaw does with that fiddle??

    Try to keep an open mind now……

  5. WRT Hank Jr. MHO is that he could be a better singer than he is, he just chooses to do it the way he does because he has more fun that way, and because his audience just eats that stuff up. I understand music is serious business to you, but OTOH you have a..ahem..not so serious side.

    May be that if you broadened your horizons a bit you’d enjoy this one:
    (it’s not Hank Jr., it’s Trace Atkins and if you don’t like it with sound on, you’ll surely like it with sound off)

    BTW, if you don’t already have a youtube login, you’ll need to create one to prove you’re over 18 to watch this one.

  6. Speaking of Cajun music, there’s a song I love off the “Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” soundtrack which isn’t on youtube. It’s called “C’est Si Triste” by Ann Savoy (Savoy Doucet Cajun Band). Do you know another site like youtube where i might be able to find it.

    It’s a very nice Cajun ballad and you might even like it. REALLY.

  7. I don’t think that Doug Kershaw is too commercial. It may not be his style to be rough around the edges altho he certainly could be if he wanted to.

    I’d love to look at/listen to your ecclectic music collection. There aren’t many people that understand my musical tastes. So i can’t have discussions like this with many people (well anybody else really).

    You don’t know how much i got harrassed for listening to bluegrass on our trip a couple years ago. I’ll listen to pretty much any kind of music provided the mood is right. Altho, i just can’t get the feel for classical. Is it an acquired taste? Because that is usually how my music interests progress. For instance, I hated the sound of Bob Dylans voice until a few years ago. Then all of a sudden i appreciated it in some wierd kind of way. And I’m always looking for something different or new.

  8. Ok, that Waits gospel song is nice. Wherever did that guy get that voice? These days everybody sounds the same. “Is that Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson?” Cuz that Clarkson is beginning to sound just like Christina. I think they were giving her Christinas rejects at first.

    Johnny Cash, Elvis, Dylan: they all had distinctive vocals. Aretha Franklin and Loretta Lynn will never be confused with anybody else. And Linda Thompson (“Dimming of the Day”) sounds different too. Or maybe i just love that song and nobody sings it better than she does.

  9. Well you learn something new every day. Or at least that’s the way it should be. I think we do have a classical station or if not, i’ll find out when one of the college stations play classical. I hear a lot of stuff i’d never heard before from college stations. Plus i’ll youtube it up and listen to some of what you listed. I hope you’re mistaken about ‘no turning back’ cuz i can’t live without Skynyrd.

    Didn’t know Yes was “Art Rock”. What is Art Rock? Thought you didn’t like synthesizers. Just say no to Yes.

  10. BTW, thanks for passing on to me some small part of what you know about music. All i know is from listening. Altho i’m an avid reader of music biographies/autobiographies. Doesn’t teach anything about music per se, but helps appreciate where the musician came from and how he/she evolved into that style.

  11. I don’t know, I feel like I’ve seen beer commercials more risque than that Trace Adkins. But YouTube has its rules. And I get what Doug Kershaw is doing, but he’s too commercial for my taste. I think of Cajun and Zydeco as forms of folk music (now there I’m getting serious again) but I like that kind of music rougher around the edges. For example, just about everything on the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack.

    That’s why I dig Tom Waits, because he’s trying to capture a certain sound on his recordings. Every one’s a little different, but they all have this rough integrity about them. By the way, that clip was from Letterman. Usually his albums include at least one thing that’s going after a gospel feel. “Come On Up To The House” and “Jesus Gonna Be Here” are great. The one I put up was one of the more egregious.

    Not much there to get you tossed out of church on Sunday.

    Next time your in the ‘hood you should take a look at my music collection. I’m pretty darn eclectic in my tastes!

  12. Bingo: that’s what I like. Stuff that’s unique and distinctive.

    Getting into classical is an interesting question, because the field is so vast. When you talk about rock or C&W styles you’re talking about maybe 50 years worth of artists.

    Quote-unquote “classical” encompasses music from over 800 years. You can choose chansons from 14th-century France, experimental Karlheinz Stockhausen, intellectual Bach fugues, heart-on-the-sleeve Mahler symphonies, deep Beethoven quartets, comic Haydn piano sonatas, witty madrigals by Gesualdo or Monteverdi, or the incredibly compact music of Webern. They’re all radically different from each other, far more so than any two rock musicians.

    Also, from a music-historical perspective “classical” refers to music written roughly between 1740 and 1800, in particular Mozart, early Beethoven and Haydn. Other eras have different names.

    Flip over to your local classical station (assuming you have one) every now and then and see if something catches your ear. The transition was easy for me in high school in the ’70s, I was listening to a lot of “art rock” like Yes and somebody turned me on to Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.” There was no turning back.

  13. What is “Art Rock”? Pretentious!

    Gimme a break, I was 15 years old!

    I’ll see if there’s any good YouTube stuff on classical. It’s risky because the audio is not good.

  14. Dunno about Rush, they’re not on my playlist. The daughter is heavily into Queen these days. Anthony Cartouche used to try and force-feed Queen to me back in the day but I wasn’t buying. I used to hate them but now have a growing admiration for their chops. More examples of “art rock” are King Crimson and early — really early — Genesis.

  15. It was the same way with me about Queen. I didn’t like it until, geez, just a few years before FM died. The daughter has excellent taste in music and basketball teams. Hope she’s not watching what’s happening to the Cavs today in Boston. It’s sad.

    Ask “the daughter” if she’s ever seen “Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood”? I’m curious what kinds of movies she likes. The movie had a really good soundtrack with some new songs by great artists and some old stuff. I like any movie set in Louisiana, especially if it has Sandra Bullock in it or Kevin Costner (JFK).

  16. Re the daughter being into Queen, it’s funny because my kids are into older, i mean, “classic rock” stuff too.

    Oh they still listen to new stuff but they appreciate stuff from our generation. All my kids like Skynyrd. Course if they didn’t they couldn’t live here anymore. Jewelle likes Motown stuff like the Temptations, Smoky Robinson. Jordan likes Johnny Cash a lot. And Julian likes pretty much anything. He plays guitar so he tries Zeppelin stuff, Skynyrd, CCR, etc. The only thing they don’t like that i listen to is John Denver. I it forbidden for me to listen to that on our road trips. Anything else is fair game.

  17. Did i ever tell you the Johnny Cash story? A few years ago Jordan gave me “Cash”, Johnny Cash’s autobiography for Christmas.

    I read it and for one thing it turned me on to an interest in the Carter Family. But the funny thing is when i finsihed reading it, which took three days without sleeping practically, i told Jordan the story was so good they should make a movie out of it and that they should cast Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny.

    Then the following January or February, Jordan was back in NY, and i read that they were making a movie about Johnny Cash’s life starring Joaquin Phoenix. I usually don’t tell this story unless Jordan’s around to lend credence to it. It was so wierd because Jordan never understood how i picked Joaquin Phoenix in the first place. It was his looks mostly. I saw a resemblence to the young JC (the other one)

  18. You ought to be in pictures! I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, but I’d like to.

    You know what, I was going to tell you how I feel about Skynyrd but in the interest of family harmony I’m just going to keep my mouth shut!

    The daughter is big into ’60s music and ’80s music (go figure). Plays The Beatles all the time. Alex is into punk and I don’t know what else, but he has nothing but disdain for the commercial and popular. Real outsider tastes which, to a certain degree, I respect.

  19. Isn’t it interesting how the kids are into this retro stuff? I can’t imagine at their age listening to anything from my parents generation, except on those long road trips to Youngstown. The rule is “Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts his Cakehole.”

  20. OBTW, i can understand if you don’t like Skynyrd in general, but can’t you appreciate Freebird at least? Come on! Everybody likes Freebird.

  21. Short answer? No.


    I played in bar bands for a while, and some clown yelling “Freebird!” was a staple. But really, don’t get me started.

    Your driving rule is one we live by. It was a lot easier to live by, of course, before The Daughter started driving. But I try to manage. Long road trips had degenerated over the years into each of us sitting in our own audio cocoon, each with their own iPod or WalkMan. Except the driver — me — who couldn’t safely drive with headphones on. So I had to use the car stereo system and listen to everyone else complain that it was too loud. So this last summer we all agreed to take turns with the car stereo so we could at least communicate. It was a lot better.

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