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Last week we rented a house down in West Cape May, NJ. Got to be one of the best vacations ever, and I’ll be posting photos throughout the week. But this one contains a “catch” that I have to put up first.

A short walk from the house is a wildlife refuge, and we stood for a while up on the platform watching the birds. These “skimmers” (that might be their real name, come to think of it, though they look like “laughing gulls”) would fly low down across the surface of the salt ponds.

Sometimes they’d actually run their beaks through the water.

Or poke at something and leave a circle of ripples. F. shouted out, “that one’s got something!” I swung the camera around to track it and snapped off this lucky one:

[googleMap name=”West Cape May” width=”450″ directions_to=”false”]West Cape May, NJ[/googleMap]

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