Some Time-Filling Garden Pix

My goodness, has it really been this long between posts? Apologies all around.

Last September, I put up a post about a low rock wall I’d built along the back edge of the property. You can read about it here.

A little while after, F. and I took a walk down in the woods and stumbled over a huge pile of cobblestones. Well, not literally stumbled, that would have hurt. We “came across” a huge pile of cobblestones. They were on town property, so F. gave a call and asked if we could grab some. The short answer was, “not really, but stay tuned.”

Wouldn’t you know it, over the winter more-or-less unannounced, the town made them available. I loaded up several carloads of them to see what could be done.

First up, a second wall behind the first, a dozen or so bags of topsoil, and a couple of bags of generic tulip and daffodil bulbs. Total outlay maybe $35.

The big glass ball was from Marshall’s, Christmas clearance, $5. Here’s another view.

With the two sets of wind chimes standing guard (we have yet to find a free garden gnome) maybe they’ll be safe from the deer.

Then over the weekend in the front yard, I tightly laid the rest of them together to neaten up the edge. We’d had plastic weed-block panels that had been frost-heaved up into unsightliness. Turns out a 25-pound block of stone is the perfect implement to bang them back into place.

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