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Restaurant Reviews by One of America’s Greatest Writers

Or so they said. Could my favorite author, Cormac McCarthy, really have written these restaurant reviews? Of course not, it says so right on the tin. Still as parody they are hilarious.

And so the man defied the villagers and ate the taco. In defiance of the will of those people but also in defiance of some order older than he. Older than tortillas. Than the ancient and twisted cedars. How could we know his mind? We are all of us unknowable. Blind strangers passing on a mountain road.

Begins the review of Taco Bell.

The man asked could God make a taco so terrible even He could not eat it. The priest considered this and said no this was not possible and to think so was a sin. The man was silent for some time. Then he said that he had eaten such a taco and that it tasted of bootblack and horsefeed. That if this taco was under God’s dominion then surely all other great evils must be as well. And then the man took the halfeaten and greaseblackened taco from his coatpocket and thrust it at the priest like a broken sword.

Props to Kottke.

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