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Maybe I Was Too Harsh

Google this: “android stuck on obtaining IP address“.

Whoa. 106,000 hits? Looks like my complaint about the Galaxy Tab not connecting to my home router is a real one. But the good news is, there are a couple of easy solutions that don’t require “rooting” the device.

One, there’s a built-in app called “allshare.” When you’re stuck, fire it up and give it a minute. It will reset your IP address from the DHCP server, and you should be good to go.

Alternatively, use a static IP. Usually your router will be handing out addresses in the form of or If you have a running PC on the network, go to the command line and key in “ipconfig /all”. Use these results to set up a static IP on your handheld. Look for lines:

IPv4 Address . . . . (for example)
Subnet Mask . . . .
Default Gateway . . . . (for example)
DNS Servers . . . .

Open your wireless settings, and from the “Advanced” screen (you get it when you touch the bottom left button below the screen) enter in the appropriate items. Give your handheld a nice high IP to avoid conflicts; or something.

It’s a few extra steps, but you’ll be running again. The settings will hold, too, when you go back to the home network after being elsewhere.
Give your device a high IP address — or something — to avoid conflicts.

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