Niagara Falls, Nighttime

After a family visit to Rochester over the weekend, we too the extra day to make the quick drive over to Niagara Falls. I’ll be making a few “travelogue” posts about this one, but I’ll start here with the final night.

We’d gone into town for dinner, and settled on a cute little restaurant (with lousy service) right on the edge of the state park. Sitting on the veranda we watched an electrical storm come in from the west, until finally in one mad dash we made it to the car before the hail arrived.

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We drove over to Goat Island, and fumbled around in the rain for a little while trying to come up with a plan. After the storm slowed, we ventured out to find a bunch of people in yellow raincoats still waiting their turn at the Cave of the Winds. I guess they figured they were going to get wet anyway, so why run?

A huge cloud of mist and spray made the Canadian side a distant rumor. The Skylon Tower went from invisible, to visible, to looking like a flying saucer about to land.

While the Skywheel was an eerie apparition as it slowly came into view.

But you didn’t come here to look at rides, did you? The Falls are the star of the show, and their roar was always in the background. Even standing right next to them, when all you could see was a vague cloud.

As things settled down, the spotlights from the other side began to light them up.

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I remembered from my childhood trip here that you could easily go to the Canadian side. Not so much anymore, you need a passport to go either way, and one of our party doesn’t have one. Nevertheless, F. tried to hitch a ride, but there were no takers.

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