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How-To: Wireless Ceiling Fixtures Part 2

Last week we walked through making the light fixtures. This weekend, we hung them up and turned them on.

This is where we want to put them, three lamps hanging evenly spaced over the entryway table.

Besides the screwdriver from last time, we’ll be using a cable cutter:

A drill with a 1/4″ bit:

Mollies, pick one that goes with the 1/4″ bit:

I bought this box at Ikea for a few bucks, and now I have a lifetime supply!

You’ll have to figure out for yourself how to find the right spot to drill. Ours was convoluted, frustrating, involved lengths of string, sharpies, colored pencils, stepladders, chairs. Your mileage will vary, just make sure you get it right the first time. A plumb bob is an excellent idea.

Once you’ve marked your spot:

Hold your mounting cleat in position.

Be sure to use the one marked “L” because it fits the hanger you’ll be using. This is the reverse-threaded pair.

Center it over your X mark, and mark where the three holes are.

Drill a hole at each spot.

Push a molly into each one:

And screw it all into place:

This is probably a good time to double-check where your others are going to go: spacing, make sure they’re in a straight line, etc. Brandy stops by to check things out.

We’ve got our spots marked on the ceiling:

So we repeat the tracing, drilling, mollying (is that a word?) and screwing:

Then just push the collars over them; they stay in place just by pressure.

With those in place, let’s cut three equal pieces of cable. Mine are 33 inches, but do what you’ve got to do.

Next, take each of the three hangers and loosen the allen bolts with the supplied wrench:

Open them up far enough and the cable slips right in, then tighten it down:

Here’s all three of them:

Remember that these are reverse-threaded? Good. Reverse-screw them into the ceiling cleats.

Here’s one close-up.

Take one of the lamps you did last week, and remove the heavy LED unit by unscrewing it. It’s heavy, and the next step will be easier without it in place. By the way, and this is important, two of my lights were on the verge of falling off. Seems that there’s not enough of a matrix, really, for the adhesive to grab on to. So I superglued it in place. If that doesn’t work, I’ll drill a few holes through the plastic and attach it to the removable back of the LED unit that way.

Unscrew the allen bolts from the stem, just like you did for the part attached to the ceiling.

Slip the cable in, then holding the shade with one hand, tighten the screws back in with the other. I’m not taking pictures any more because both my hands are occupied.

Repeat three times, and there you go:

After dark, the effect is beautiful and dramatic:

By the way, that wire bowl is from Marshall’s and cost like $5. We need another, and if we’re lucky they’ve still got them.

Cool effect, eh? From across the room it looks like it’s levitating.

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