Old friend Anthony Cartouche, wise in all matters rock ‘n’ roll, recommended this compilation of Dylan covers by Bryan Ferry. I was at the local books-and-music megastore this evening when I heard it playing and drifted over to purchase my copy.

I want to say, “show me a CD with songs like “If Not For You,” “Simple Twist Of Fate” and “All Along The Watchtower” and I’ll show you a good CD.” So I will.

“Show me a CD with songs like “If Not For You,” “Simple Twist Of Fate” and “All Along The Watchtower” and I’ll show you a good CD.”

Ferry’s quavery, soft baritone suits these songs well. There are a few class-AAA classics here, such as “The Times They Are A Changin'” as well as the much more recent gem “Make You Feel My Love.” Most of them follow the classic tempos picked up from the original LPs, but a few have nice twists in tempo and feel.

All in all, it’s like I said … a good CD. You could find less entertaining ways to spend $15, so go for it.

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3 thoughts on “Dylanesque”

  1. Speaking of Bob Dylan, Martin Scorcese’s documentary “No Direction Home” is on VH1CR right now and they’re playing it again later. I’ve seen it already but will watch anyway. Scorcese does great music documentaries. What’s the name of the one he did on the blues? I wanna say it was just “The Blues”. But that’s probably wrong. That one was a winner too, but the best of the BEST was “The Last Waltz.” I read somewhere where “survey says” The Last Waltz is the best concert movie or concert documentary ever made. For whatever that’s worth, i concur.

  2. The Last Waltz is pretty amazing, especially with the oddball combination of guest artists. Neil Diamond?

    The “No Direction Home” CD is indispensable, by the way. Really great stuff.

  3. Oh yeah, i’ve got the No Direction Home CD. Well Jordan has it cuz i gave it to him for Christmas. It’s fun giving people gifts that are really for yourself. No seriously, him being a film major, i thought he would like to see what a well-made documentary looks like.

    The backstory of why Neil Diamond was at The Last Waltz, and i think this comes from Levon Helms autobiography (which is awesome btw): Robbie Robertson was producing Neil Diamond at the time so he got him in the movie to give him exposure. You’d probably enjoy that autobio in case you haven’t read it already, Apparently the Last Waltz was like a Scorcese/Robbie Robertson collaboration. The other Band members were sidelined either because they weren’t on good terms with Robbie anymore or somehow they were soured on the whole idea. But you’ll notice in the movie that Robbie does most of the talking during the “rap session” parts. And he gets most of the closeups during the concert. There are some parts where the keyboard player was playing something important and great and the camera was on Robertson. Also according to the book, Robertsons’ vocal mike was turned off because he really can’t sing.

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