My Postmodern Lunch

The gang from work went out to a local brewpub for a birthday lunch yesterday, and I ordered the Caesar Salad. The waiter alerted me that they have their own special preparation — do I want it? Or should I chicken out and order the “traditional” presentation.

I went postmodern. By the way, their chili is pretty good.

I had to take a photo; who’d have believed me otherwise? Each leaf in a head of romaine is dipped in the dressing, and then fed through a hole punched through a piece of toast — the (ahem) crouton. It was kind of not-crispy, they way a crouton shouldn’t be. And the spiral-cut carrots didn’t really make themselves wanted, either. I’d have rather had anchovies. Yes, I would have.

The other thing I learned is that my cell phone camera is (also) not good for food photography.

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