Biking Again

The brief respite we’ve had from the cold inspired me to get my commuting bike road-worthy again.

My new digs are somewhat further from work than the old — 1.7 miles as opposed to 1.1 — and I kind of, um, er, took a lot of time off. Still, I was a little horrified by how rubbery my legs felt the first day. The second day, somewhat better. If I’m going to ride my age this spring I’m going to need to be stronger than a 20-month-old.

I pulled up the two routes on Map My Ride to compare. From my old house, 1.1 miles, and around 40 feet of vertical elevation. From the new? 154 feet. Well that explains some of it.

Tomorrow, Friday, highs in the 60s. Time to get moving.

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