After The Storm

This map tells the story: See that narrow band of white running vertically? That’s the zone of the highest snowfall. And we were right in it.

This one was one of the top five storms since I’ve lived here in NJ, and wouldn’t you know it came on the night before the move. I’ve got a 35-foot truck coming and there’s two feet of snow to move so they can get into the house. Not just to the front door, but all the way to the back.

Mid-afternoon, the County hadn’t plowed the main road that runs parallel to my street. Irvington Ave., on the map. The Maplewood PD had no choice but to close it, so many cars were stuck. And they had no place to reroute traffic to other than right in front of my house. The movers had to back the truck into my one-car driveway for the last couple hours.
[googleMap name=”The former house” width=”450″ directions_to=”false”]191 Parker Ave., Maplewood, NJ 07040[/googleMap]

One more day of moving, which should be a lot more normal — key your fingers crossed for me.

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