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I Know It’s Christmas and All But Does Verizon Service Need to be This Bad?

All of a sudden I’ve got no dial tone. When this used to happen (we have a major switch up the block and guys are up there all the time) I’d call 1-800-VERIZON and they’d be on the ball. But it’s the holiday and they bounce you out of the phone system.

I know — I’ll try their web site. I go to the support and pick “no dial tone” from the list of problems. It says, and I quote,

We see that you are FiOS Digital Voice customer and we currently do not support FiOS Digital Voice. please use Live Chat to talk to a Verizon Representative. You can also call Verizon customer service at <b>1-800-VERIZON(1-800-837-4966)</b>.

By the way, for HTML aficionados, those full tags appear on their page.

I click on the live support button, and one of the mandatory questions you have to answer is Question Category. The only categories are, “FIOS Internet” and “FIOS Television.”

I guess I’ll try bluffing my way through this.

Well after ten minutes on the chat with Srikanth, he solved my problem. Nice work!

2 thoughts on “I Know It’s Christmas and All But Does Verizon Service Need to be This Bad?”

  1. So what was the problem? How did it get fixed? I have the same situation. I’m in LA and I can’t get anyone to come out until Jan 19th.

  2. I picked one of the other choices (Internet, I think). When they came on the line I told them what it was really about.

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