Continuing my epic blog-a-logue of our vacation to Ohio, on Friday we headed up to downtown to walk around and see the sights. A lot of central downtown is in disarray. The big department stores are gone, Euclid Ave. is torn up with a long-term construction project, and the Terminal Tower is scaffolded up. But the summertime is the right time to visit the revitalized waterfront. Growing up there in the ’60s and ’70s you had Municipal Stadium and … well that’s about it. The 9th Street pier had a restaurant on it, but in between was a bunch of nothing.

Terminal Tower scaffolding

Now you’ve got the Browns’ stadium, the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame, the Science Museum, nice parks and walkways and on a day like this just a nice time outdoors.

We started out in the Warehouse District. Way back when of course we never went up here because all there was was, well, warehouses. Now it’s the happening restaurant and yuppie-living district. We visited a Japanese joint for lunch.

Japanese Restaurant in the Warehouse District

It reminded us of a place we visited in San Francisco. The bento box Claire had was a great deal, and paradoxically they had the best french fries I’ve had in a long time.

Flower Boxes

The architecture is a mix of the classic


And the new.


The I.M. Pei-designed Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame is the standout, offering lots of interesting angles.

There’s also a pretty decent skate park, where Alex spent most of his time.
Alex at Skate Park

In between is the William G. Mather Museum, a retired ore freighter. People from the east, as Melville pointed out, tend to dismiss the Great Lakes as more puddles. By coincidence, the week we were out there a life preserver from the Edmund Fitzgerald was found on a remote beach on Lake Superior. That ship snapped in half in a big storm some 30 years ago, and it was even bigger than this one.

Similar...  Great Lakes Science Center

William G. Mather

Like any waterfront city worth its salt, reminders of its nautical past are still around. Sailboats frequently tie up around the walkways.


The water is much cleaner than I ever remember it, but not perfect.

No Fishing

All in all, a pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon.


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