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It’s What’s For Dinner. And lunch, and occasionally breakfast. Here are a few highlights (and not-so-highlights) from our trip down to Maryland and Virginia.

Chincoteague is a very low-to-the-ground kind of place, about as casual as it gets. One seafood shop we saw on the main road — it was even on the maps — consisted of nothing but a canvas tent and a bunch of coolers set out on a tabletop.

So a barbecue place like Woody’s Beach Barbeque is right in keeping. Part old-time BBQ joint – slash – fried seafood place, the barbeque smoker is just a tank on a tractor bed, and the kitchens are a couple of trucks bolted together. Seating is random picnic tables and deck chairs set out next to tree stumps.

The food? Good, and reasonably priced. I had an oyster po-boy. LF had a fried chicken sandwich.

The real deal here is the sweet potato fries, which I called “canonical,” the sweet potato fries they all aspire to be. We weren’t really sure how they did it, but they stayed crisp all the way down to the bottom of the (considerably large) bag. Kind of like your grandmother’s sweet potato casserole deep-fried in strips.

We meant to go back later for some brisket or something, but other things got our attention. Like Mr. Baldy’s restaurant. A bit off the beaten track, it’s the kind of place the Ex would have never set foot into, but LF enthusiastically argued for. Inside it was noisy, crowded, outdated; and the place all the locals go.

I ordered oyster stew, which for six bucks turned out to be a mountain of oysters rising up out of a pool of milk, melted butter and oyster liquor. Simply unbelievable under any circumstances, but there must have been two dozen plump and perfectly cooked oysters in there. For a main course I had a nice, though not mind-blowing, crab cake sandwich. LF isn’t a shellfish eater, so she stuck with a salad. It turned out to be perfectly servicable and we decided that next summer we’re going back several times.

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The second place we stayed on the island offered a free buffet breakfast here:

On this street:

Other than the fun times you can have saying “that mexican place on chicken city road,” there’s not much to say.

Back up in Baltimore a few days later we swung by Andy Nelson’s Barbeque. I don’t know if I covered this in a past post, but I should have. We have unofficially decided that we’re going to eat here at least once every time we go down to visit LF’s family.

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