Yard Sale Part 2; Kitchen Renovation Part 2

I did yesterday’s sale on something like three hours of sleep. Woke up at around 5, started hauling stuff outside and organizing. By the time things were done and put away, I was about as tired as I could remember being. I went over to visit the LF for a while, and by 9:30 she was talking to me but I didn’t understand anything she was saying. Then we turned on the TV and I couldn’t understand anything they were saying either. Which is when I decided I’d better get some sleep.

Last night was better, a whopping seven hours. Just enough to take the edge off I guess. We were hoping for a busy day of yard-salers, but we didn’t really get them.

Daughter C. was again manning the back deck, where she made the one big sale of the day before she even got there. Though from a woman who was a relentlessly hard bargainer. I wanted to send her home even if she was prepared to actually pay a fair amount of money for things (which seemed unlikely). She also seemed to take it as a personal affront that I wasn’t selling my deck furniture: “Why is it out here?” she laughed. Well because I live here.

Meanwhile the new tile is going down in the kitchen and the hall:

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