31 Years Ago

July 27, 1979: I moved to New York City from my humble birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio.

I go back to northern Ohio regularly, and still know my way around. In some ways I feel like I left a few weeks ago; in other ways, like I never lived there at all.

Between apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn I lived in New York for just shy of ten years. I’ve been in the same house in suburban New Jersey for twenty one years, give or take a few months as long as I lived in Ohio.

So where am I from, anyway?

The Excelsior Hotel, 45, West 81st Street, Upper West Side, Manhattan Community Board 7, New York County, NYC, New York, 10024, United States of America
501, West 189th Street, Washington Heights, Manhattan Community Board 12, New York County, NYC, New York, 10040, United States of America
25 2nd Street, Carroll Gardens, BK, Kings County, NYC, New York, 11231, United States of America
353 72nd Street, Bay Ridge, Kings County, NYC, New York, 11209, United States of America
191, Parker Avenue, Maplewood, Essex County, New Jersey, 07040, United States of America

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