31 Years Ago

July 27, 1979: I moved to New York City from my humble birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio.

I go back to northern Ohio regularly, and still know my way around. In some ways I feel like I left a few weeks ago; in other ways, like I never lived there at all.

Between apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn I lived in New York for just shy of ten years. I’ve been in the same house in suburban New Jersey for twenty one years, give or take a few months as long as I lived in Ohio.

So where am I from, anyway?
[googleMap name=”Excelsior Hotel” width=”425″ directions_to=”false”]45 West 81st St., New York, NY[/googleMap]
[googleMap name=”Washington Heights” width=”425″ directions_to=”false”]501 W. 189th St., New York, NY[/googleMap]
[googleMap name=”Carroll Gardens” width=”425″ directions_to=”false”]25 2nd Street, Brooklyn, NY[/googleMap]
[googleMap name=”Bay Ridge” width=”425″ directions_to=”false”]353 72nd St., Brooklyn, NY[/googleMap]
[googleMap name=”Maplewood” width=”425″ directions_to=”false”]191 Parker Ave., Maplewood, NJ[/googleMap]

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