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What Time Is Your Appointment Again? The Fateful Day For My FIOS Installation

Sitting in the diner at around 8:30 this morning. The FIOS guy, calling from his truck, wondering when I can be at the house. He was going to suggest “now” as a good time, but I heard his partner in the background overruling him. So I guess I’ll see them at 1:00. There may well be a time when I’m off-line while they’re doing this; on the other hand, I should still have Comcast service while they’re working on it.

1:40 pm: A Verizon installer has finally arrived. Walked him around and showed him where the TVs, computers, routers and switches are.

1:57 pm: He’s out on the truck, hanging cable.

2:42 pm: Installing cable boxes, modems, etc. A second guy with a two-foot-long power drill just came in. I’m actually off-line right now, so we’ll catch up later.

4:34 pm: I’ve got TV, I’ve got internet. The workers are gone, and now I get to try and figure out how to get all my other devices on line…

5:29 pm: Printing, and connecting to my network storage device. Just about 100% normal now.

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