Stained Glass Repaired!

It took me about a year, but I finally got my rather elderly stained glass fixed today. Stained glass windows on either side of the fireplace are a design staple of this part of New Jersey. They have a long, but not infinite, lifespan.

The lead, as it turns out, starts to rot out after 80 years or so. And right on schedule the panes in our 88-year-old home started to sag a few years ago. Finally, pieces started to drop out and the whole central portion of it ended up sitting on the windowsill after the border gave way.

A local design/antique/handyman/contractor shop claimed they could do it, but after their subcontractor came by and took a sample panel they decided they didn’t want to work with him anymore. They’d get right back to me with their new glass guy’s name and number.

tick … tick … tick …

I shopped around myself for a repair person, but every one I spoke with wanted me to pull the glass out myself and bring it to them, then re-install it myself. Really, I’d no idea how.

Like I said, close to a year later. I got a referral for Renner & Faust in Fanwood, NJ. Mark came out to scope out the situation, came back later in the week and popped the panels out and brought them to his workshop. And within two weeks they’re back in place and looking good. He even painted the frames inside. Not to mention, less expensive than the original quote from the local shop.

Nice work! Combined with Star Painting‘s nice job on the walls, and a few pieces of art pottery, we’re looking good:

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5 thoughts on “Stained Glass Repaired!”

  1. The LR looks great. The stained glass is beautiful and you painted! The room didn’t look that bright before. Pretty color. Seems like it would really open up the space. Did you paint the dining room the same color? If you have other pics of the house would you send them to me when you get a chance? Or lemme know if they’re posted somewhere i can look. I don’t do FB. Are you finished with the house now?

  2. Not finished yet, but making serious progress. In an earlier post I’d recounted how I stripped the wallpaper in those two rooms; it took two full weekends. The dining room is a lighter color called Hyacinth White. Very pretty.

    The kitchen had a nice makeover too — new countertops and floor, a fresh paint job. I’ll put together some more photos later. There are still two bedrooms to do, which will take several coats because I’m going dark-to-light.

  3. You go man! Have you heard of that new paint with the primer built into it. They were advertising it 24/7 in CA. It’s sold at Home D. Can’t remember the name but they’ll know. We told Jordans gf to use it on her room when she moved to a new apt and was going from darker purple to white. Probably a little pricier but if it saves a coat or two….

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