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Fios, Feh. [updated!]

Fool me twice, shame on me? I guess so. A couple of years ago I signed up for the Fios system from Verizon. Looking at big savings on my monthly bill by combining internet, cable, local and long distance telephone, it sounded like a great deal. We set up a time for the installation, I waited around … and they never showed up. Rescheduled, waited around …. and they never showed up.

Flash forward to last week. I’m out working on my front steps and a Verizon dude stops by with a clipboard and asks me if I’m interested. Gives me the rundown, I’m looking at big savings on my monthly bill by combining internet, cable, local and long distance telephone. It sounded like a great deal.

I sign the forms, get my copy of the paperwork from him, get a confirmation call from Verizon the next day that my service would be installed Thursday, stayed home from work and waited around.

Mid-morning, armed with the confirmation number I copied from my answering machine, I called the number to find out what time they’d be there. Turns out my order had disappeared from the system, for reasons unknown. Obviously, they never showed up. I’m feeling like Charlie Brown after Lucy pulls the football away again. The (actually nice though ultimately powerless) woman on the phone offered to reschedule.

I told her no thanks, this has already happened too many times. If they can’t even get a basic thing like showing up right, why would I want to entrust all my communications to them?

Updated 7/16

A few hours after posting this Verizon called my cell phone to ask a few more questions. I ran down the story again with the rep (who finally learned to pronounce my name as “thomas mcgee” instead of “thomas gee”), who again apologized. She then asked me for my cell phone number. Re-read the first sentence of this paragraph. Then make a mental note that my cell service is with Verizon.

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After a little back-and-forth I agreed to a reschedule, for this coming Wednesday morning. I’m going to insist that the rep call when he’s actually on the way — my office is just five or six minutes from home — so I don’t have to take another full day.

It looks like I’m not the only one who has had this problem multiple times.

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