America’s Obesity Problem

Is, in the eyes of some, that there just isn’t enough of it. Witness if you dare this offering from the Friendly’s restaurant chain:

If you’re saying, “that looks like a cheeseburger except that instead of a bun there’s two grilled-cheese sandwiches,” you are correct.

Slashfood has the numbers, and boy are they ugly:

1500 calories (870 of those from fat); 79g of saturated fat; and a whopping 2090mg of sodium

And that’s before they put on bacon, which you know they’ve gotta do at some point.

1500 calories is about half of what I’d need to get through an entire day (I’m 6’2″ and weigh 220 lbs.). It’s what you’d burn off if you ran 10-15 miles. Before fries and a large Coke, that is.

Over 2 grams of sodium is pretty close to your daily limit as well. Sodium is fun. Here’s what happens when you drop it into water:

Which looks like a Darwin Award waiting to happen. Thanks and a tip o’ the hat to Vern on Facebook for steering me towards this menace to public health. I think.

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