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Kent Island, MD

Down in Maryland this weekend visiting with the LF’s family, we took Saturday to go exploring. Plan A was to go to Sandy Point Park, then Annapolis; but we couldn’t find anywhere to eat in the neighborhood, so we went over the (surprisingly uncrowded) Bay Bridge over to the Eastern Shore.

First stop off the bridge is Kent Island, a bucolic and quiet community of modest houses. Right across the road here, if you look closely, you can see cows.

The houses may be modest, but I don’t think the means are. The small island hosts a couple of airports. We were mystified at first when we saw planes parked next to people’s garages.

This neighborhood, Kentmorr, has a long wide grassy lawn behind the houses, which serves as their airstrip. The signs on Rt. 8 say “Caution, Low Flying Planes,” like you’re going to duck or something.

Plan “A” for lunch was the traditional Maryland Steamed Crab. They throw a piece of brown butcher paper on the table, give you a mallet and a knife, and dump the steamed crabs out in front of you. The waitresses and LF were most accommodating to this first-timer, and I knocked off a dozen of them.

I’d tried doing this at home, but with no real clue how to pull them apart I ended up just going out for Chinese after. Other than the tricks for cracking them open, the other thing I didn’t realize is that Old Bay is more than just a seasoning — it’s a whole food group. Vast quantities of the stuff is put in the water, on the shells, in bowls on the table. On the crabs it almost looks like breading. After a while, it’s irresistible.

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Sorry, not much to see there. My hands were so covered with the stuff that I couldn’t snap off a photo until after they cleared off the table.

The restaurant was the Kentmorr Restaurant and Crab House. It was essential to eat right on the water, and we did.

That’s the Chesapeake Bay right there. The first place we looked at was very, very expensive. Large yachts were parked in the marina outside. The Kentmorr’s clientele had nice boats, too, but they weren’t three stories tall.

Right outside was a modest beach. Yarn hammocks (made in Ohio, no doubt), playground stuff for the kids, and a chance to put our feet in the water.

Mission accomplished!

Kentmorr Airpark, Kentmorr Road, Mattapex, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, 21666, United States of America

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