Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Novels

Are awesome fun. Like salted peanuts or something I keep gulping them down.

Reacher is a former Army MP who travels around the country like a nomad. He lives off his pension, carries no luggage, buys cheap clothes and wears them for a few days then throws them out and buys more. And of course, wherever he goes trouble seems to find him. The books are good and intelligent crime thrillers, with lots of surprises. In one of them, “The Enemy,” I thought I’d figured out one of the major plot twists a hundred pages in advance. But, like the main character, Child was way ahead of me and it was far more complicated than I thought.

Of course, I’m not the best mystery reader. I’m almost always surprised, probably because I don’t stop and think …. just keep turning the pages. And these are most definitely page-turners.

“Gone Tomorrow” pulls together modern-day suicide bombers, torture by Afghan women, al Qaeda, and a criss-crossing array of national and NYC anti-terror squads. The torture material is pretty grisly, but that seems to be a trick (also used in “One Shot” and “The Persuader”) that he uses to tell us exactly how horrible the opposition is.

In each, Reacher uses intelligence that’s way off to the right of the bell curve, along with overwhelming physical toughness, to save the day.

I went through four of these in the last week, and still craving more.

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