Harry Potter

Yup. Bought it, read it, in one marathon weekend. I liked it a lot, though I need to go back and review a little of it because I found some of it confusing. A lot of readers prepared for the big release date by re-reading the one or two books before, but I didn’t. So I couldn’t track the ownership of the elder wand (are there wizard probate lawyers?) from Dumbledore to Malfoy to Potter.

I also thought the ending was perfectly right. There are some out there that consider it a copout or something, but by my reckoning they’re Rowling’s characters and she can do with them as she sees fit.

What I find best of the series as a whole is how it grows with the reader, and how the themes become progressively more mature and darker. I can imagine giving an 11-year-old the first book, and then every year following feed them another. Each one takes it a little further, from funny-flavored candies through school politics to menace and even real horror. The final book even raises the specter of genocide.

And of course the “whole world” thing. Building a convincing and complete imaginary universe that makes sense and you can visualize yourself in is no mean trick. The “Ring” books did it, and a few others, but not very often.

I wonder what she has up her sleeve next? In a recent interview she expressed the need to get back to writing. It should be interesting.

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