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Some Maplewoodstock Pix

I didn’t get any shots from the Saturday program, but I went around on Sunday and took some shots of musicians when they were off-duty, so to speak.

Here’s Laura and Jamie from the band Madison.
Laura and Jamie

Marina is with Mood Ring:

This other Jamie was the MC both days. Here he’s giving away a guitar, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. Plus there was a raffle going on.


Marc played in a couple of bands, Starfish and Emotional Rex. He’s closely related to Marina, above.


Here’s Jay (left) of the Jaybirds and Howie (right) of three different bands, if I counted correctly.

Jay and Howie

BK and me played with J.J. Blues on Saturday.


Jenn is one of the Emotional Rex.


They were especially emotional tonight because they’re bass player was stuck in traffic and didn’t make it. And here they are, right before a thunderstorm cut them off after their second number.


And that was that — they were the closing act, and got rained out. Too bad, because last year they just killed.

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