I really don’t want to be all snippy and condescending, but I probably will be anyway. Working on a web site for a client, he suggested that a really basic picture that said New York financial district would be good. Maybe the bull, he suggested.

A really good suggestion. I tried to find something on one of the stock sites, but there wasn’t anything that worked in my dimensions. So lunchtime today found me down on Wall Street and Broadway to shoot the bull. So to speak.

Turns out, you can’t take a picture of the bull. Not that there is any post-9/11 hysteria surrounding it with beady-eyed guardsmen with greaseguns. No, you can’t take a picture of the bull because you can only take a picture of the crowds of tourists surrounding it.

Bull from the side

I waited around for a while to see if they were perhaps a tour group, and would get back on their bus and go away. My fallback position was going to be a long exposure so that the bystanders would kind of melt away. No dice. Most of them were just standing there waiting for their friends to snap their photos, and it was too sunny, even with the aperture and exposure compensation ratcheted all the way down, to go with an exposure much longer than 1/13.

There was a lady with a video camera, standing still, shooting a movie of the bull, standing still. No wonder home movies have such a bad reputation. But see, now I’m being condescending. I was a tourist once, so I really ought to be more understanding.

There were even people waiting their turn to be photographed next the bull’s rear end.

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Bull from the rear

A couple of young men with an eye to posterity (note in case you missed it: minor pun) had themselves photographed sticking their heads as deeply into the shadows as they could.

And that’s about all there is to say about that. I believe I’ll try again some Sunday morning.

4 thoughts on “Tourists”

  1. In the interest of full disclosure I admit to having shot video of that bull, on two separate occasions to boot. Blush.

  2. I don’t remember exactly. I probably got Linda or my grandson moving by it. If not that I know for sure I mixed in some highly coveted hand jitter.

  3. Wow Tom you found the house grandpa was born in. Cool. The first time i went to Butler i looked for the house the lived in right before the time they moved to Cleveland. The street was there but the address wasn’t there anymore. Same thing happened when i looked for “Aunt Cele” and “John McGee’s” homes which were on the same street in 1900. Gone. But i think i mighta stepped over Wm and Mary Lackey so some progress has been made. Actually Aunt Cele’s (Cecelia, grandpas sister) address was there but it was some old brick building but i don’t think it was the same building she lived in. BTW, those photographs are awesome. It was hard to choose which one to use as my background, but i went with “Windsurfers”. Really beautiful.

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