The Ancients

My cousin Shari posted this photo on an online genealogy board, one I’d never seen before. It’s a picture of my great-grandfather Benjamin McGee.Benjamin McGee
Here’s what she has to say about him:

“Benjamin Allen McGee, born in Butler County in 1866 and died in Cleveland, OH in 1939.

“Benjamin McGee was the son of John McGee b. 1837 in Ireland and is believed to be the son of Mary Zulema Manley b. 1832 in PA. Mary Zulema Manley was the daughter of William Manley and wife Jane of who lived in Armstrong County in 1850.

“In addition to Benjamin, John and Mary Zulema McGee had the following children: James (who married Amelia Anderson, daughter of Samuel Anderson and Elizabeth Baumgartner), Sarah, Susannah, John, Johanna, and possibly a Mary and a William.

“Benjamin McGee married Laura A. Lackey. Laura was the daughter of William J. Lackey, Civil War Veteran of the 102nd PA Volunteers, and granddaughter of Jacob Leckey a resident of both Butler and Clarion Counties. Jacob Leckey’s first wife was named Mary (surname something like Osenbaugh or Ostenberg) and his last wife was Mariah Catherine Slater.

“Benjamin and Laura were the parents of four children: Blanche (who died at age 16), Catherine “Kate”, Cecelia, and Alonzo Allen (b. 1898). Laura Lackey McGee died when her youngest child Alonzo was 3 or 4 years old, about 1902.”

The above-mentioned Alonzo was my grandfather, born in 1898, whom I remember as a crabby old geezer who didn’t seem to have much use for us little ones (I was only 11 when he died). My dad remembers Benjamin, who lived when them for a while at the end of his life, so I’m just two lifetimes removed from the end of the Civil War.

Similar...  Butler, PA

I remember reading recently an article on the recent death of Arthur Schlesinger, and how he was just three lifetimes removed from the Revolutionary War. And that if you took all of the recorded history of mankind we span just sixty lifetimes. It seems like a long time. But if all the geological history of Earth was represented by the height of the Empire State Building, that span of human history would be the thickness of a dime sitting on top of the antenna.

But anyway, I’m trying to figure out if I look like him in any way.

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