New Dollar Coins

Is it just me, or is this the ugliest coin in US numismatic history? I got a couple of these at Penn Station this evening, and they remind me of nothing so much as a carnival token. Washington’s mouth is a grim slash that looks like a hatchet mark on a piece of wood. There’s no depth, the inscription at the bottom is totally unreadable at actual size. And the “$1” on the back is just tacky. obverse and reverse

5 thoughts on “New Dollar Coins”

  1. Yeah. None too cute. And since when is numismatic a word? I’ve never heard or seen that word in print before, let alone know what it means (even with context). You really should try out for “Jeopardy” or “Millionaire”.

  2. It means “of coins,” basically. My dad collects coins and turned me on to it at a young age. After I moved away that which I had left at my parents’ house kind of disappeared — I think it got sold at a yard sale or something. That and my huge collection of ’60s-vintage baseball cards…

    A couple of months ago Alex came home and asked me about these strange coins he got in change, he didn’t know what they were — they were Mercury dimes! I haven’t seen one of those in circulation in thirty years.

    The new Jefferson nickels suck too. The design is actually pretty cool on the obverse (numismatic for “front”), but they’re so lightweight they couldn’t hold down a tissue.

  3. Never heard of a mercury dime. What are they worth? OWhat do you think those 60’s baseball cards would be worth today?

    Totally unrelated – do you think you’ll live the rest of your life in New Jersey?…Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just curious…I don’t plan on staying in CA for the rest of my life….and no, never Ohio, never again.

  4. Sure you have. They were not uncommon when we were kids. This is what they look like:

    What they’re worth is an “it depends” question. The condition of the coin, its relative rarity compared to other years and mint marks.

    Totally unrelated? Probably not. I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot lately, since in a couple of years the kids will have moved on. I wouldn’t mind moving back to Brooklyn again. But no, Ohio is highly unlikely. I wouldn’t say never … who knows? Maybe with the collapsing real estate market it’s the next frontier for creative types? But I don’t see that happening.

  5. ok, that dime does look like something i’ve seen.

    I think about retirement a lot lately too. So does Rey. I wouldn’t mind having a summer home in Virginia. Charlottesville is nice. There’s a real nice coin shop at the outdoor mall near UVA. We’ve picked up some Confederate money there over the years. We’ve got a nice little collection going, Julian and I.

    I’m not seeing much of an immediate positive future for Ohio either. They haven’t hit bottom yet.

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