Tricia Zimic Ceramics

Last week we went down to the Newark to the New Jersey Historical Society to catch the opening of Tricia’s show of ceramics of New Jersey’s endangered species, “Recovery New Jersey.”

Pileated Woodpecker

The first thing we saw walking in the door was this one, the pileated woodpecker, which is exactly what we saw in the Great Swamp a couple of days before.

At the M/SO artists studio tour last summer we visited Tricia’s studio and saw this one in progress. They’re great fun to look at, some juxtapose creatures with their more un-natural habitat — salamanders near a crushed beer can, hawks roosting on Lackawanna Terminal in Hoboken — others are set in idealized friezes of mixed elements. I can vouch for Tricia’s intense interest in the local environment; it turns out she was the person I wrote about in the the South Mountain Conservancy post the summer before last.

We also bumped into a few of our favorite local artists there. The show runs at the NJHS until September.

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