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Previewing Typefaces, Backgrounds and Colors with sIFR

This might not be the perfect cross-browser solution as is; but as a proof-of-concept here is a font previewer using sIFR, the CSS/Javascript/Flash method for embedding real fonts into your web page. It’s usually used for headlines and other display copy, but with a little elbow grease it can be used for this kind of preview as well. I’m using it for a custom-embroidery client to show different monogram styles and colors against the colors of various shirt and hat colors.

More than just changing a standard “the quick brown fox…” block of type, we wanted users to be able to enter in their own wording or initials to see what they looked like. Working with a range of manufacturers, each with a range of products in multiple colors, we needed to match them against another range of thread colors.

You can read the details and play with the demo right over here…

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