Four Madrigals for Brass Quintet

Over the summer I found a set of five part books in the SHU library for madrigals by the English composer Henry Lichfield. As a project I took the original mensural notation and turned it into modern notation, putting it into more playable keys, adding dynamics, articulations, tempos etc.

We tried three of these at our recent benefit concert, and they were a big success. So here they are, the Four Litchfield Madrigals for Brass Quintet. The zip file contains the score and five sets of parts.

Feel free to print these out and use them without charge. I only require that you keep the arranging credit and copyright in place. It would also be really nice if you sent me a link to any program or announcement for performances of them.

A couple of program notes: Bass trombone is preferable to tuba, because it’s more in line with the original vocal range. The breath marks should be considered as phrasing indications, not literal breaths. They’re based pretty literally on the texts of the original. The metronome markings are obviously mine, as are the changes in tempo, dynamics etc.

Let me know how they work out for you!

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