The Famous Curvy Street

Our last day in San Francisco we headed over to eyeball the famous “curviest street,” Lombard Street between Hyde and Leavenworth.

Now the funny thing is, as weird and slightly scary as it looks the roads getting there are what’s really scary. Nothing really ever prepared me for how steep the urban streets are around there. It’s like driving up one side of an equilateral triangle and down another. You feel as though you’re going to bottom out at the apex. Then the view downward goes on for blocks. We let daughter C. drive the minivan, and she said at one point “I’m looking in my mirrors but all I see is the sky!”

Here’s the view towards to Coit Tower from the bottom of the twisty section. Follow the floor-lines of the buildings at the bottom of the block. They’re at the level of sub-basements at the top.

Here’s from the top of the block.

There are crowds at the top and bottom, and police officers stationed at both ends, to keep things under control. Westbound cars wait in line for the opportunity to wind down, dodging pedestrians who cut across. There aren’t sidewalks on either side, there are staircases.

The homes there, by the way, are beautiful. We saw a “for sale” sign on one of the condos and looked it up after we got home. $3 million dollars for half a duplex, and the ad said “surprisingly peaceful once inside.”

1050, Lombard Street, Russian Hill, SF, California, 94109, United States of America

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