This is my first “good bike,” a 1986 Cannondale (or was it ’85?) that I bought while I lived in Brooklyn. It’s got 12 speeds on a Shimano 105 component set from when index shifting was still new. I adjusted the brakes today, the first time in years; the Shimano gear is so good it just stays where you put it.

1986 Cannondale R-600

What made me think of it was, I also had to get a new chain. I went over to the shop in Millburn and picked up a Uniglide chain. I had the funny feeling that the girl working the register wasn’t as old as the bike I was working on.

2 thoughts on “Workhorse”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I have the exact same bike (same color as well) and also bought it new in 1986. I’m still riding it and will take it on our 25th consecutive MS 150 ride in April. Good stuff lasts!

    I just had the pedals replaced because my old vintage Look Carbon pedals are becoming more and more difficult to find cleats for. The guys at the bike shop wanted to buy the pedals from me. Apparently vintage cycle stuff is very collectible now.

    Oh well. I’m just happy I can still get out and ride now and then.

    Eric Johnson
    Katy, Texas

  2. I spotted another one last month in Brooklyn Heights, NY, chained to a railing. And it even had the original cantaloupe-colored cable housings, and was one of the ones with the airbrushed graffiti.

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