Just In Time For The Holidays

Here’s another Tom Waits youtube clip, helpfully pointed out by Driftglass, who apparently digs Waits more than even I do. I probably should consider making a special blog category for him.

Anyway, this one is timely because of the idiotic controversy over the “Chocolate Jesus” in New York. One of my interests is the greasy spot where religion and politics rub against each other in American life. As a religious person myself, I’m offended when my religion (Christianity) is hauled out to further a goal that is fundamentally unchristian.

I’m also offended when a triviality like this sculpture is inflated. Catholic League leader Bill Donohue called it “one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever” — yeah, right up there with feeding early believers to the lions, or burning heretics at the stake after they’d recanted. Or the crucifiction.

It’s a useful way to distract the more gullible masses from the things that are really important in their lives, getting them all worked up over something that has no influence on their day-to-day existence, not unlike the effecct of Terry Schiavo case. Pay no attention to your sky-high medical insurance premiums or the fact that your job has been outsourced. Someone made a statue of Jesus out of candy!!

I prefer to be distracted by watching Tom toss confetti around and sing through a megaphone. I’ve been meaning to put together a compilation of his gospel-infused numbers; they’re all so great. So to Bill Donohue I say, “come down off the cross, we could use the wood.”

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