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Star Painting

A week or so ago I wrote about some nice work that was being done on my house. I just finished revamping the web site of the outfit who did it, Star Painting of Garwood, NJ:

Their site was a set of flat HTML files, which I redesigned and put into the Joomla content-management system.

The big new feature they wanted was a Gallery tool to show their work. I took an archive of photos they had, as well as a hundred or so I shot myself, and massaged them in Photoshop. Besides correcting brightness, contrast, saturation etc. etc., I needed to do a lot of work with the “warp” and other transform tools, to make them look right.

And so on, for 115 in all. I installed and tweaked the Phocogallery module, which uses a shadowbox-style slideshow to display them.

I also used the jForms component for the “Contact Us” form (really simple) and the rQuotes module and component for the rotating “testimonial” quotes you see in the right-hand column.

The semi-transparent blue bar across the navigation menu was done by using a png with an alpha channel as the background image, letting the picture of the house behind it show through. That transparency, plus the quotation marks around the testimonial quotes, are almost getting to be my trademark.

Thanks go again to Elyse Carter Design for providing a second set of eyes on the details of the layout. Elyse does a lot of very nice freelance design work, and you should look her up if you have a project.

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