Riegelsville, PA

This town is noteworthy for two things: the 1838-vintage Inn set between the canal and the Delaware River, and the bridge.

Designed and built by the Roeblings, of Brooklyn Bridge fame.

It’s a strikingly beautiful piece of architecture for such a tiny spot on the river. Riegelsville itself is only a few blocks in either direction, and there is — as far as we could tell — nothing on the New Jersey side for several miles.

Nevertheless, the views are nice across.

Looking northward.

Or south.

Or even straight down.

Speaking of wildlife, every available polygon within the latticework of the bridge was occupied by a member of the arachnid family. Sometimes by several, stacked as though in a horizontal apartment complex.

The town itself, such as it is, can be pretty.

Not that we would want to buy real estate there or anything. After dinner, one of the townies — leaning out the passenger side window of a pickup truck — called out something, um, flirtatious to LF. She muttered under her breath, “I’m old enough to be your grandmother!”

The Inn has a prominent site looking right out onto the water. Our room had a decent view of the bridge.

As for the decor, I’d comment on it but the joke would be on me; There is no decor. Leave it at that.

The restaurant on the other hand was very nice. You could sit in the indoor dining room near the huge hearth (maybe in the winter, not so much in July), out on the front porch looking over the river, or in back:

Which is what we opted for. The frogs were croaking loudly in the canal below, torches and candles were blazing. The food was tasty, varied and fairly priced, and the staff was lovely.

It’s highly unlikely I’d opt to stay there again, but I’d definitely visit the restaurant.

[googleMap name=”Riegelsville Inn” width=”450″ directions_to=”false”]10 Delaware Rd, Riegelsville, PA?[/googleMap]

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