Truffle Tremor

How good can cheese be?

You have no idea. We sampled some of Cypress Grove Chevre’s newest last night on thin slices of white bread. After we ran out of sexual metaphors we just started laughing.

It’s closely related to the already-sublime Humboldt Fog, taking the whole experience up a notch (or more) with the addition of black truffles. It’s structured almost like a cake, with a ash/mold outside, a runny and gooey center, and a crumbly layer in between. Each one has a different feel and flavor, and combined…

…Well it just gave us tremors. At $20-$25 a pound, it’s not inexpensive. On the other hand, just a sliver will make you and your significant other very, very happy.

I’d recommend staying away from strongly flavored crackers. I tried a little on a thick whole-wheat model and it kind of ran away with it. The flavor and aroma are strong, but it’s the subtleties that make it great. And for heaven’s sake, save the onion or garlic flavored crackers for something by Kraft.

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