Phil Rinaldi

I’ve just finished some touchups on the web site of my friend and trumpet-player colleague Phil Rinaldi. He’s running a WordPress blog too, so I helped him out with installing and configuring some plugins, and cleaning up the look and feel a little.

I re-made the navigation, creating some new categories and modifying the templates to display them. Besides adding the curved-button look to the navigation (it was flat before) I made the headers align across all the browsers, touched up a few IE8 issues, and cleaned the Microsoft Office code out of the older posts and comments.

Also, a lot of hover styles were wrong in the CSS, so I fixed all that too.

Phil wanted to highlight his upcoming gigs, so a restyling of a calendar plugin made it possible to show a schedule list in the right-hand column, then a calendar-style display on the jump page.

It was a nice little project, and I think he’s happy with it. Good luck with it, Phil!

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